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A Well Put Together Business Card

Everyone and their mother, sister, cousin has a business card, and everyone want theirs to jump out of the stack and stand out among the crowd. But I’m here to tell you some things are not artistic they’re just annoying and others just make people question if your” business” really exists. Consider the receptionists, assistants, data entry clerks and people in general all around who have to reference your card, handle your card, put it in a Rolodex, binders and databases. Make it easy for someone to contact you, novel concept huh, and realize that yes people judge and act according to that judgment.

You do not have a Well Put Together business card if:

Your card lists two phone numbers but doesn’t specify what either of them are. Mobile? Fax? I don’t know what I’m calling; I can’t get a grip on when might be the right time. Or two addresses, where am I supposed to send correspondence? Hey maybe I don’t even feel like going through all that thinking so I’m not contacting you.

Your card is some odd size that pokes me in the hand and gives me a paper cut. It’s either too skinny, so it slips out of a standard slot made for business cards or too big and now I have to go get some scissors and cut your card to put it in my book or wallet. Well I’m not doing that I’m throwing it out.

The email on your card is Come on people, web domains are easy to get and affordable. Show me your willing to at least invest $15 a month into trying to present a good image. And needles to say have a web page to go with your URL. How am I supposed to take your business seriously when you don’t?

You think people can read size 5 font. I’ve seen cards where the company name slogan, and services are all on the card and the persons name and contact info was so small I could hardly read it and I have 20/20 vision. Plus you don’t need to put a paragraph of information on your card. I gathered what you did from your title. If I want further information I’ll look it up. Don’t look so desperate.

Your information is all over the place looking like abstract art with words. Or you wrote the text out in a shape, or have vertical letters. Just stop! I shouldn’t have to turn your card to read it.  Line it up. I want your information to be easy to find and easy to read. I shouldn’t have to break my neck and I won’t.

There 2 people listed on one card. Are you that co-dependant, or did you just not have the money to get people their own cards? Which one of you should I call? Get your own cards! I don’t want to deal with 2 people, just one.

Get your business cards together people!

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