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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Remember the 6 ring planner you had before you had a smart phone? Well they are back along with a cornucopia of new options. And now its a culture ya'll.

Planners are back!!! For me they never really left but they are having a resurgence in popularity with a focus on customization. For some it’s a notebook, a sketchbook, daily-weekly-monthly calendar or to do list. I believe everyone needs a notebook on them at all times. This is the #tulnotebook system from Office Depot, interchangeable with the #arcnotebooksystem from Staples. Discs hold the covers paper and dividers together. There are different types of paper dividers and other accessories that make your notebook whatever you need it to be and forever evolving. They snap into the discs so you never have to disassemble, just add and subtract elements as needed.

#wellputtogether #planneraddict #plannerlove #dream

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