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Client Testimonial: Bosa Development

"Bosa Development recently migrated from a printed document filing system to organized digital files whenever possible. Nicole lead the shift to digital filing, completely organizing of all our interactions with consultants, engineers, subcontractors, vendors and government entities into a digital format that can now be quickly and efficiently accessed. 

Nicole’s knowledge of Bosa’s procedures and protocols, her experience with development and construction management, and her intuitive organizational skills were essential to handle this massive and detailed project. Most importantly, Nicole followed through on every necessary task to final completion.

Nicole has been a valued member of our consultant team for several years, assisting in many other aspects including; office moves and initial set up, formulating filing and tracking systems, and various accounting functions. I would describe Nicole as a self- motivated, critical thinker who addresses challenges with an specific strategy  and then executes her game plan toward a solution that works best for Bosa’s needs."

​M. Patzer, Bosa Development, San Francisco CA 

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