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Don't over think, or think at all if you don't have to.

Why do we charge ourselves with the task of figuring things out when we don’t have to.  This season’s task is What do I buy______? This year my family decided to pull names (a money saving measure everyone is thrilled about) I pulled my Dad. Great! 

The man that I have bought birthday, Christmas, Fathers day presents for, for 20+ years. The man that has everything he wants, needs and doesn’t need. I have spied a couple of gifts to Dad collecting dust in the back of closets at my parents house. Guess he didn’t need a heated pillow, neck massage thingy, or motorized belt organizer, who’d a thought.

Now this year if he’s getting only one gift it should be a good one, right. I want to give him something that he’ll immediately go out and use, something that will wow him, or make him tear up, speechless, something! Now at first I was not discouraged, confident surely I could think of something, but the more I thought and after a couple days passing I almost resolved myself to a tried and true repeat of a gift card I knew he’d use.  Then the other night laying in bed doing my last check of my iphone before shutting down for the day it suddenly occurred to me (yes I’m going to say it)… I have an app for that.

Back, I can’t even remember when, I was bored in the app store and being a fan and subscriber of Real Simple magazine, I came across their apps and downloaded the Real Simple Gift Guide. In times since the download when killing time I’ve probably looked through it twice but never at times when I was actually shopping for a gift for someone. But this time Success. Went into Gifts for Men and Boom! There it was, there it was bought, 2 min, in bed, in pajamas, I’m sure he’ll use it and even more sure I would have never discovered it otherwise. Sorry cant say what it is in case he’s reading ;)

So don’t over think, or think at all if you don’t have to.

Happy Holidays

-Ms. Well Put Together

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