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Storage Search Win!!!

When you just found exactly what you’re looking for, and are doing your happy dance!!! 

I have a small broom closet in my kitchen where we capture the recycling in 3 paper bags with little signs above them: plastic, glass, aluminum. They land here before they make it to the large bins in the garage(see CRV recycling post). It was working, but not very well. The bags would sometimes collapse, didn’t hold enough, people just chuck recycling into any bag. More importantly all the vertical space in the closet was not being used. 

So this morning I measured the closet. I was looking for stack-able recycling bins 12″ deep(keeping room in front of the bins for the broom and mop), 17″ wide and as no taller in total than 66″. After about an hour of clicking through Google shopping, checking dimensions

TAH DAH!!! Exactly what I was looking for, available on multiple sites with good reviews. 

And I would have kept checking until I found exact;y what I was looking for. One of the things I urge clients to do is to not settle for "this will do" when you settle you just spent money you will need to spend again. The system that just kind of works will still bother you and you will spend more time and energy searching again at a later date.

-Ms Well Put Together

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